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What to Do When Your Vehicle Gets Flat Tires?

If you own a car, then you must already be aware that your tire will be losing air pressure occasionally. Getting a flat tire will make your car to get inclined on one side. Considering safety, it is never suggested to drive a vehicle with flat tires. As soon as you get flat tires, you must get the flat tire repair service.


What happens, though, if you are forced to travel a small distance in your car? Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article. We’ll be discussing the things that you need to do if your vehicle gets a flat tire. Let’s start.

Quickly pullover

Switch the hazard lights on and stop your vehicle on the side of the road if you suspect that your vehicle has a flat tire. Check the vehicle’s condition to see how severe it is and decide if it needs a repair or replacement.


Install a triangular reflector in the direction of the traffic to alert passing vehicles so that you are always in the safe zone. Then you can start searching for affordable tyre repair services

Flat tire replacement 

You might choose to replace the flat tire if it is not in the condition of getting repaired. Locate a secure site and a spare when to start the replacement. It is suggested to first apply the parking brake. After this, you may surround each tire with wheel wedges to stop the car. Then, take off the cover of the wheel and spin the lug nuts with the help of a wrench clockwise to release them.


Raise the car to an appropriate height by placing the jack underneath the car. The flat tire should then be removed after thoroughly unscrewing the lug nuts. After mounting the spare tire on the lug bolts and tightening them, the cover of the wheel can be replaced. After that, the car can be lowered down, and the gears can be put back to their original places.

Search and contact towing service 

There are possibilities of not having a spare car in your vehicle. It would be an ideal choice to call for a towing service for avoiding having to drive with a flat tire in a situation like this. However, it is important for car owners to remember that any service provider is going to require at least 30 minutes or more than that to reach your area and assist you. They’ll assist you by either towing your car to the nearest repair service or changing the tire right away.

Locate the local tire repair service 

Everyone has a go-to tire specialist they turn to for all of their tire-related issues. However, as you get a flat tire, it necessitates seeing the closest professional you can locate. This will expedite the procedure and significantly reduce the chances of any mishappening as well.


It could be highly risky to continue driving when your vehicle got flat tires. Hence, one must stop right away and pay attention to the problem first. Always ensure to hire the best tire repair service provider to enhance your safety and experience when driving.