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Tire Maintenance Tips That Every Car Owner Should Know About

All the automobile enthusiasts maintain their cars quite well. Even if you are not crazy about cars, we know you love the vehicle you own. Car owners invest significantly in the maintenance of their car to keep it running smooth, and looking great. But What is the maintenance of your vehicle include? When this question is asked to car owners, the usual answers include regular oil changes and optimum functioning of brakes, fuel efficiency, engine servicing, performance, etc. Though these are the essentials of car maintenance, a very crucial part that many car owners tend to overlook is the maintenance and care of the tires.

It’s easy to recognize when your car needs maintenance on the surface, though it is not common to notice when your tire needs professional services, especially if you are not a professional mechanic. While some reputed companies are offering flat tire repair services, among other essential services for your vehicles, here are a few maintenance tips that will help you improve the life and performance of the tire.

Tire Maintenance and Care Tips

Change tires at the right time

As per the experts, the right time to discard your vehicle’s old tire is after 6-10 years of use. The ideal limit would be six years and ten years is the extreme limit to keep using your old tire. You can extend the limit of use of the tire to 10 years if the tire is still in good condition from all aspects. The wear and tear of the tire depend on several factors, including driving style, region, the total number of kilometers driven, and the weather conditions.

Use the precise size of wheel bolts

The wheel bolts are generally provided by the manufacturer and as per the size of the tire. You need to make sure the wheel bolts used aren’t too shot or too long. In both cases, they can prove to be problematic. If the wheel bolts are short, there are chances of the wheel popping out, whereas long wheel bolts can potentially damage the suspension.

Practice smooth driving

Not many people like to admit it, but people tend to drive pretty harshly. It includes driving too fast and, then hitting breaks suddenly to stop the car. Rough breaking and harsh driving habits take a direct toll on the life of the tire of your vehicle with premature wear of the outer layer.

Tire rotation is important

The recommended limit for tire rotation is after every 5000 kilometers. You can also consider rotating the tire if you find their positions uneven. It ensures that all the tires get equal exposure to the road conditions, and all the tires wear off the same.

Take precautions under various weather conditions

The effects of weather changes are real on the tires of your vehicle. It can make the tire wear off quicker than the stipulated duration. For instance, the monsoon brings so many challenges for car owners, specifically for the urbanites. It gets challenging to drive through waterlogged roads and streets. It leads to premature wear and tear of the tire and becomes a cause of accidents. It can be easily avoided with preventive driving and practical decisions.

Visit the best companies providing car maintenance services near you to ensure that your car is in optimum condition.