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Things That You Should Know Before Getting Your Flat Tire Repaired

Need to get a flat tire repaired? Not all flat or punctured tires are equally damaged. So some of them can be repaired but some can’t. Tires that are repaired in the wrong way may result in accidents. So what is an acceptable flat tire repair? We have compiled a guideline below. We have listed things that you need to know before getting your flat tires repaired in the next part of the blog. But before that, let’s have a look at the process of repairing a flat tire.

What is the process of repairing a flat tire?

Using a tire plug

It is a sticky expandable plug that is inserted into the puncture in order to keep the injury secure.

Using a patch

A patch is quite self-explanatory. Also known as a radical patch, it is a piece of material that is used to seal up the damaged tire. By heat caused by driving, this patch eventually melts into the tire, and traces of repairs are completely erased.

Things that you need to know before getting your flat tires repaired

Only get punctures repaired that are within the tread area

Firstly, you need to look where the puncture is. Make sure that you limit the repair to the tread area. If the puncture is beyond the tread area (on the side or along the edge of the tire) then it’s recommended to replace the tire. You may find mechanics that repair such punctures however the reputed repair shops never agree to perform such unsafe repair jobs.

Replace tires that have punctures bigger than ¼” in diameter

You should consider the size of the puncture before getting it repaired. If the damage is bigger than ¼” in diameter, it is not safe to get it repaired. Thus, replace the tire in such a scenario.

Don’t opt for repair if the tread is less than 1/16” or if it’s badly damaged

There is no point in repairing tires that should not even be on the roads. Furthermore, there can be other times when replacement is necessary. For instance, if the thread depth is okay but the tire is badly damaged, it is best to opt for a replacement.

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The professional should examine the tire

The inner liner can sustain the damage which is not visible from the outside. So make sure that the professional repairing your damaged tire removes the tire from the rim to completely examine the damage.

Ensure that the tire is repaired using the patch and plug assembly

Only plug isn’t a reliable repair. Make sure that the professional utilizes a patch as well as a plug assembly to repair the tire.

Do not overlap repairs

If your tire has a puncture in the same place as an existing repair then it is better to replace the tire right away.

In conclusion

There may be some limits on repairs depending on the tire you have. So make sure to take your damaged tire to a reputable flat tire repair service provider. They will guide you on whether your tire can be repaired or if you need to replace it.