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Signs That Your Car’s AC Compressor Is Failing

For your comfort during the scorching Dubai summers, you want your car’s air conditioner to blow cool, refreshing air. There are many causes for why the air conditioning in your car is not blowing cold air and a failing AC compressor could be among them. A failing AC compressor in your car can signal many signs, and you need to know when you should repair or replace it for optimal colling throughout the summer.

The location of the hoses and lines in your car’s air conditioning system can make it complicated to repair or replace the compressor. In essence, the refrigerant is compressed and heated by your car’s air conditioning system before being allowed to decompress and condense into a liquid, where it rapidly loses heat. To reach the correct temperature, this procedure repeatedly repeats absorbing heat from the car’s interior. If you notice the following signs from your car’s AC compressor, you should call professionals for car air conditioning repair in Dubai for quality services.

Your AC is blowing hot air.

The entire purpose of turning on your car’s air conditioning is to have cool air blow through the vents. However, you can end up with hot air if your AC system hasn’t been serviced. A failing AC compressor will produce hot air. A sign of low refrigerant could potentially be another reason for hot air coming out of vents. This indication typically alerts you before the compressor totally shuts off. Over time, you’ll notice that the air seems to be becoming warmer.

Strange sounds coming out of your compressor.

When you turn on the air conditioning in your car, you might hear some strange noises; if so, the compressor is most likely the cause. When triggered, this component may grind or whine once it starts to malfunction. These noises are the result of internal parts malfunctioning, such as the bearings. Check to see if the noise ceases by turning off and back on your air conditioning. If so, you have an AC issue.

The compressor is leaking fluid.

As was already explained, the internal bearings in the air-conditioning compressor in your car stop the refrigerant from seeping out of the compressor. It is the compressor’s responsibility to pressurize the refrigerant and aid in cooling it. The constant compressed atmosphere inside the compressor, of course, wears down the bearings over time. The refrigerant will leak from worn or broken bearings.

The clutch of your AC compressor has stuck.

The clutch on your car’s AC compressor works just like one on a manual transmission. To obtain power, this clutch is connected to the engine of your car. The compressor only utilizes power when it actually needs it; nevertheless, if the AC compressor clutch or its pulley jams or stuck, the compressor won’t function because it won’t be receiving any power. You cannot buy a new clutch by itself. The compressor has to be changed if it seizes.

Visit Juventus Tyre Trading for affordable car air conditioning repair in Dubai if you notice any of the four signs of AC compressor failure. Call us to schedule an appointment.