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Got A Flat Tire? Here Is What You Should Do

If you own a car, then you must be aware that a flat tire is a common problem that car owners face regularly. There could be two types of situations you will find yourself in with a flat tire, first when you walk out of your home in the morning to get to work and spot your car tire sagging on the ground, and secondly when you are driving and suddenly hear that flap, flap, flap sound of the airless tire.

Those who are newbie drivers must be wondering if you can drive your car with a flat tire or what you should do when you get a flat tire. The answer to the first part of the question is no! It is not safe to drive with a flat tire. In this blog, I will discuss the most practical ways to deal with a flat tire situation to ensure your safety.

What can you do when you get a flat tire when the car is parked?

If you notice a flat tire when your car is parked, you can first inspect it to check out what caused it. You will need to gently run your hands along the back and front of the tire to see if you can see or feel any foreign or sharp object in the tread or sidewall. It can get challenging sometimes to find the cause of a flat tire. Maybe it’s just low on air. The best thing to do would be to call for professional help from the company providing flat tire repair service

The tire manufacturers highly recommend replacing flat or punctured tires with spare ones. Calling for a professional flat tire repair service will spare you the hard work you would have to put into replacing the tire yourself. They will do the best job while you can relax or do whatever you want with your time. If you think you can replace the tire yourself, you must have all the tools required to replace a flat tire.

What should you do if you notice a flat tire while driving?

Even if you don’t hear your tire going flat, you will certainly feel it. When you get a flat tire while driving, it will feel like your vehicle is being pulled to the side of the flat tire. You will also experience that you are unable to accelerate.

In such a situation, you should stay calm instead of slamming the brakes and safely pull over. The key is to gently apply increasing pressure to maintain control of your car. Get closer to the edge of the road as you can while saving up as much room as possible so you are not at risk of being hit by passing vehicles.

For situations as such, you should know how to replace a flat tire and should have essential tools with you. Do not drive on a flat tire, and there are several practical reasons for that too. If you keep driving with a flat tire, you will end up destroying it beyond repair. It can cause internal structural damage, which can only be solved with a replacement.


The essence of this discussion is to not drive with a flat tire as it could ruin structure of the tire, your vehicle, and your life. The best thing to do is use your wit and trust the professionals.