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Experts Explain: 4 Tips to Choose the Best Car Window Tinting Service Provider

Tinting is the best way to make your car a comfortable space. Do you know that car window tint can keep your vehicle up to 60% cooler? The high-quality tints also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. However, the comfort of your car after tinting largely depends on the quality of window tinting services you choose.

The best window tinting service providers not only do their job in the best possible way but also ensure that your car is returned to you at the speediest. Below we have mentioned some tips to help you choose the best car window tinting service provider so that you can get the tint that will serve you for years.

Reviews and references

A new window tinting service provider may provide you with the best service. However, ask yourself if you want to take this risk. Window tinting is a tricky job that requires experience. To get peace of mind, it is crucial to check the online reviews of a window tinting company. It will help you to know their previous clients’ experiences. Refer to their website, social media pages, and third-party websites to determine their customers’ satisfaction, gratitude, and disappointments.

Keep in mind that not all customers can be satisfied, and businesses may get negative reviews as well. So look for companies that have a majority of positive reviews. You can ask the tinting company their side of the story about negative reviews.

Tinting costs

Don’t go with the very first tinting company that you find. Look around and get a few quotes. Different companies have different price ranges for the same service. The cost of tinting service depends on several factors including the number of windows you want to be tinted, the model of your car, and the quality of the tint you choose.

While keeping these factors in mind, make sure to create a budget for the job. And then choose the company that charges you what you are comfortable paying.

Film options

There are several types of car window tints available in the market. Thanks to the advancement of technology! To choose the most suitable one for you, think about the light you want to get as well as your budget. Having more options allows you to choose a product that you are happy with. So the reputed companies offer your several options to choose from.


When buying any product or service, you should expect a warranty of service. At the time of getting the car windows tinted, you can expect two warranties- one from the service provider and another from the tint manufacturing company.

Even the best tinting service provider may face issues at some point. So the warranty ensures that you are covered in such events.

Last words

We hope that by now you have become familiar with the process of choosing the best car window tinting service provider. Lastly, we want to mention that you should go with a local service provider. This way, you don’t have to travel for miles and take a day off to get your windows tinting.

Tire Maintenance Tips That Every Car Owner Should Know About

All the automobile enthusiasts maintain their cars quite well. Even if you are not crazy about cars, we know you love the vehicle you own. Car owners invest significantly in the maintenance of their car to keep it running smooth, and looking great. But What is the maintenance of your vehicle include? When this question is asked to car owners, the usual answers include regular oil changes and optimum functioning of brakes, fuel efficiency, engine servicing, performance, etc. Though these are the essentials of car maintenance, a very crucial part that many car owners tend to overlook is the maintenance and care of the tires.

It’s easy to recognize when your car needs maintenance on the surface, though it is not common to notice when your tire needs professional services, especially if you are not a professional mechanic. While some reputed companies are offering flat tire repair services, among other essential services for your vehicles, here are a few maintenance tips that will help you improve the life and performance of the tire.

Tire Maintenance and Care Tips

Change tires at the right time

As per the experts, the right time to discard your vehicle’s old tire is after 6-10 years of use. The ideal limit would be six years and ten years is the extreme limit to keep using your old tire. You can extend the limit of use of the tire to 10 years if the tire is still in good condition from all aspects. The wear and tear of the tire depend on several factors, including driving style, region, the total number of kilometers driven, and the weather conditions.

Use the precise size of wheel bolts

The wheel bolts are generally provided by the manufacturer and as per the size of the tire. You need to make sure the wheel bolts used aren’t too shot or too long. In both cases, they can prove to be problematic. If the wheel bolts are short, there are chances of the wheel popping out, whereas long wheel bolts can potentially damage the suspension.

Practice smooth driving

Not many people like to admit it, but people tend to drive pretty harshly. It includes driving too fast and, then hitting breaks suddenly to stop the car. Rough breaking and harsh driving habits take a direct toll on the life of the tire of your vehicle with premature wear of the outer layer.

Tire rotation is important

The recommended limit for tire rotation is after every 5000 kilometers. You can also consider rotating the tire if you find their positions uneven. It ensures that all the tires get equal exposure to the road conditions, and all the tires wear off the same.

Take precautions under various weather conditions

The effects of weather changes are real on the tires of your vehicle. It can make the tire wear off quicker than the stipulated duration. For instance, the monsoon brings so many challenges for car owners, specifically for the urbanites. It gets challenging to drive through waterlogged roads and streets. It leads to premature wear and tear of the tire and becomes a cause of accidents. It can be easily avoided with preventive driving and practical decisions.

Visit the best companies providing car maintenance services near you to ensure that your car is in optimum condition.


Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Car Brakes

As a car owner, one of the most important things you need to be careful about is your Car brake. The problems in your car brakes are common and they are likely to arise if the weather conditions in your location are extreme. Moreover, you cannot ignore even the minor issues with your car brake as they can turn out to be life-threatening.


By not paying attention to the well-being of your car brakes, a car owner puts himself and his family at a major risk. Without a properly functioning brake, you might face problems when you need to stop suddenly in an emergency. Similarly, it can be difficult to stop at traffic signals timely if your brakes are not working properly. And the situation can be even worse if your brakes ultimately fail. Hence, it is suggested that you immediately seek expert brake repair services if you are facing problems with your brakes.

To avoid possible accidents and risks, it is important that you maintain them properly on a regular basis. The following are some tips that you can follow to take care of your brake systems:

Regularly Check the Brake Fluids

The transformation of applied pressure on the brake into the force responsible for stopping the vehicle is dependent on the brake fluid only. It is important to ensure that your brake fluid works ideal in any kind of temperature whether too high or low. You also need to be careful about the moisture accumulation in the brake fluid and it is prone to get moist over time. The accumulated moisture can interrupt the performance of the brake fluid. As a car owner, you must check and change the brake fluid on a regular basis.

Look at the Brake Lines

It is important to check the brake line while checking the brake fluids. Brake lines are often the results of the trapped air in the brake system. You need to check the brake lines and remove the trapped air from them. This also needs to be done on a regular basis, ideally after every two years.

Check the Contact of Rotors and Pads

You might be aware of the working of your brakes. After the brake application, the rotor squeezes the brake pads and the produced friction is responsible to stop the car. However, the friction produced in the process also leads to wearing off the pads. Strange noise and vibrations are a sign that your brake pads might need to be replaced. It is important to keep a regular check on your brake pads and replace them at the right time to avoid possible consequences.

Keep a Check on Brake Parts

The problems are possible with different parts of your brakes as well. Problems with any part of your brake can be risky. Keep a check on your brake parts and seek repair or replacement immediately to ensure safety.

These were some of the important tips that you can follow to take care of your car brakes. Maintain your car brakes properly and enjoy a safe ride.

The Juventus Tyre Shop in Dubai

When it comes to car tyre repair and replacement, Juventus Tyre Trading is the industry leader in Dubai with many years of experience and hundreds of happy customers to its wing. We are experts in flat tyre repair service and tyre replacement in Dubai. Our team is ready and well-prepared to provide you with the best tyre change service, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment.

Juventus Tyre Trading is the best tyre shop in Dubai and Al Quoz; flat tyre repair service, tyre fitting & alignment, and affordable tyre replacement services are like routine jobs here. These services might appear to be routine tasks for our experts, but they are carried out in a professional manner to significantly improve the efficiency and safety of your car.

Expert Tyre Repair, Replacement, and Fitting Services

At Juventus tyre shop in Al Quoz and Dubai, we provide a wide range of car tyre services to ensure your car is in its best condition throughout its life. We don’t simply replace your old tyres with new ones or repair your flat tyres and send you on your way. After conducting a thorough evaluation and assessment to diagnose the condition of your current tyres, we recommend the best repair or replacement solution for your specific situation. We only put our plan into action after you are happy with our proposal and produce the best results.

When you come to our tyre shop in Dubai to repair or replace your tyres, we offer a lot of added value with our tyre change & replacement services in Dubai. With our expert tyre fitting services, all your tyres are fitted by our expert technicians, who are skilled and professional in their work. We also place and position the tyres according to industry best practices. Since the front axle is where traction is most crucial and where most wear occurs, we advise putting your best tyres there during fitting.

In addition to regular flat tyre repair and tyre replacement services at our tyre shop, we also offer the following tyre services to ensure complete performance and safety on the road:

  • Wheel Balancing
  • Balancing Weights
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tyre Pressure Check

Buy Tyres in Dubai
If you are looking for the best tyres for your car’s make and model to replace your old tyres, visit our online tyre shop in Dubai to buy the best quality tyres from popular tyre brands at affordable prices. On our website, we review and update our inventory of tyres every day to provide you with the best value. We are one of the reputed car tyre dealers in Dubai, and our experts and tyre technicians can help you pick the right tyres for your car.

So, if you are looking for affordable flat tyre repair services in Dubai, tyre replacement in Dubai, or tyres for sale in Dubai, get in touch with us and talk to our experts for the best services and solutions.