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Brake Services

The brake system is undoubtedly one of your car’s most important safety components, so you shouldn’t entrust it to just any repair shop. To be on the safe side, have regular inspections and tests performed on all of your car’s braking system’s parts by trained and qualified professionals. Our expert technicians make sure that your brakes are working properly through a comprehensive car brake repairs and maintenance service.

So, if you are looking for brake repair services in Dubai and Al Quoz, look no further because experts at Juventus Tyre Trading can fix or replace your brakes at affordable costs. To avoid costly repairs and maintain your safety while driving, we will repair and replace your brake pads, brake fluid, and brake discs as part of our car brake services.

Check your braking system

Since brake discs and pads can quickly wear out, they should be checked frequently, ideally every six months to ensure safety while driving. Furthermore, you must get your entire braking system checked before any long journeys to avoid any inconvenience or accidents due to faulty brakes. Checking your brakes should be part of your regular car repair and maintenance services to ensure the safety of you and the other passengers in your car.

Signs of faulty brakes

There are several warning signs that indicate that your brakes require professional brake repair services in Al Quoz and Dubai right away. When your car stops, squealing or grinding noises from your brakes may be an indication that they servicing immediately. Additionally, there are visible indicators like an increase in brake dust on your car’s wheels, cracking in the brake discs and pads, or your ABS warning light on the dashboard.

Also, if your car starts to steer or pull to one side when you apply the brakes, it is a sign that your brakes have some issues that need immediate attention. Consult an expert technician near you if you notice any malfunction or irregularities with your braking system.

Brakes are made to wear out over time. You cannot do anything about it. But you can ensure your safety by checking if you are having braking issues. Timely servicing and maintenance of your car brakes will reveal underlying issues and what you should repair and what should replace in your braking system.

Contact us for Brake Repair Services in Dubai and Al Auoz. Consult with our expert technicians to discuss your specific problem and book an appointment for a professional car brake service.

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