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Body Polishing

To maintain a great-looking car and protect its aesthetic value, rubbing, waxing, and polishing are practically essential maintenance activities. Any car owner can perform a basic task like car washing with ordinary helpers. Car polishing, however, requires expertise. The process of car polishing is complex because it involves a number of different tasks intended to address various issues with the vehicle’s appearance.

At Juventus, we are experts in car body polishing services in Dubai to preserve the brand-new appearance of your car’s tint finish. Car polishing is recommended every six months to avoid any trouble with the appearance and finish of your car, but it also depends on your car’s specific needs and uses. When you bring your vehicle to us, you can be assured that it will be treated with the utmost care throughout the process, ensuring you will leave with a brand-new finish.

Car Body Polishing Services at Juventus

We are a reputed car maintenance company in Dubai and offer car polishing services for all types of cars, regardless of make or model. Your car may constantly cause you problems due to surface scratches, dirt, oxidation, and other minor flaws. We do a number of different tasks as part of our car body polishing services. When polishing a car, dirt, dust, or soil particles are removed using the standard car-washing procedure.

After washing the car, any scratches on its surface are treated or removed. Restoration of the body’s glaze or shine is the next step to making your car appear new and shiny, which is ultimately the main goal of the car polishing process. Your vehicle receives a thorough polishing with our 360-degree car rubbing polish service, which includes the following detailed steps:

  1. Hand washing of the car
  2. Removal of dark and intense marks, dents, and scratches if any
  3. Outer body rubbing and wax polishing
  4. Primary scratch removal
  5. Wheels’ cleaning
  6. Wheels and bumper polishing
  7. Glass and windshield cleaning and polishing
  8. Headlight and tail-light Polish

To give your car the best shine, we use specialized tools and products. We know that older cars require extra caution when polishing, so we use professional tools to get the best results for your car. Our technicians have gone through the most rigorous and in-depth training program for car polishing and detailing services.

We offer the best car body polishing services in Dubai at a reasonable price. Visit Juventus, a reputed car maintenance company in Dubai, if you’re looking for a remarkable and extensive car body polishing service in Dubai. We guarantee that we will restore the beauty and brand-new finish of your car.

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