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AC Services

Your car’s air-conditioning is put to the test during the extreme weather in Dubai on summer days, and without routing check-ups and maintenance, breakdowns could happen. To ensure a pleasant & comfortable temperature while you are driving, our car AC service experts and technicians will be happy to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system through a professional car AC service in Dubai.

Car AC Services in Dubai

The majority of modern cars now come with air conditioning systems as a standard feature, which requires routine maintenance & servicing to ensure long service life. A fully functional A/C system is essential for staying cool on the roads in a hot and sunny climate like Dubai. Regular maintenance of your car’s air-conditioning system will keep it running smoothly all year round.

It’s inconvenient and frustrating when you discover that your car’s air-conditioning system is not cooling or filtering as well as you’d like. In fact, a poorly maintained A/C unit in any vehicle may contribute to an unpleasant indoor environment. So, when you turn on the car air-conditioning system and find that it is not working properly, time to call professionals for Car Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai.

At Juventus Tyre Trading, we offer car AC repair in Dubai and Al Quoz to make sure that your vehicle’s air-conditioning system is working at its 100% capacity throughout the year. We recommend scheduled maintenance and servicing at least twice a year to keep you’re a/C units running smoothly without any issues.

What is checked during an air conditioning service?

We offer a wide range of car AC services in Dubai to get your air conditioning system in good order and keep yourself cool all year round when you are on the move. Our trained and qualified technicians perform a series of inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to restore your AC to peak performance. Through a comprehensive car AC repair in Al Quoz and Dubai with Juventus, you can avoid faulty compressors, refrigerant leaks, and humidity in your car. Our Car AC Services in Dubai include:

  1. Full electrical works
  2. Diagnostics and repairs
  3. Testing for refrigerant leaks
  4. Air-conditioning cleaning
  5. Cleaning the clogged filter
  6. Re-gassing
  7. Disinfecting your vehicle’s A/C unit

Faulty A/C systems, clogged filters or fans, or leakages within your car’s air-conditioning system can make it less efficient and increase fuel consumption. We don’t simply repair or service you’re A/C system and send you on your way. After conducting a thorough evaluation and assessment to diagnose the condition of your air-conditioning system, we recommend the best car AC service and solution for your specific situation. We only put our plan into action after you are happy with our proposal and produce the best results.

Are you looking for a comprehensive car AC service in Dubai or Al Quoz? Get in touch with us to talk to our experts for the best car AC services and solutions as per your specific requirements.

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